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Do you have a Gaming Establishment or have plans in launching in the near future, and in search of the quickest and most hassle-free way to generate virtually cost-free revenue through a trusted and proven partner?

Partnering with Prestige

Do you feel that your current gaming Terminal Operator falls short of meeting your needs and expectations?

Have you heard about the industry’s most innovative and rewarding Sweepstakes App, Red Carpet Rewards, and wish to showcase it at your establishment?

Are you simply looking to increase your revenue? Contact us today! We extend the same dedication and focus to your business as we do to our own. We firmly believe in fostering a genuine partnership.

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What to Expect From Partnering with Prestige Gaming Solutions

What You Can Expect

Becoming a partner with Prestige Gaming Solutions is a straightforward process. Simply complete the Contact Us form, and we will immediately begin working on your behalf:

  • Assigned Account Manager
  • Comprehensive Gaming Area Analysis
  • Round-the-clock, year-round Customer Service
  • Access to the Red Carpet Rewards Sweepstakes App
  • Tailored Marketing Solutions
  • A remarkable 99.5% Up-time record
  • Premium Amusement Selection
  • Consistent Game Enhancements
  • Harnessing the nation’s strongest purchasing power

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Let’s work together towards increasing revenue and boosting your success! Contact us to learn more about partnering with Prestige Gaming Solutions.