Welcome to Prestige Gaming Solutions. We are the leader for all your necessities within the gaming industry. We specialize in Gaming - Class II and III, Cabinets, Systems, Sweepstakes and numerous types of equipment & supplies that are sure to make your experience complete.

Our dedication to quality and innovation helps maintain a sincere commitment to provide our clients with the latest technology available in the industry. We have helped develop and implement various types and styles of games for our clients. We are positioned to quickly respond to the changing industry of exciting gaming, product compliance and adaptive technologies. Industry specific game cabinets, ranging from amusement, redemption, sweepstakes, and compliance gaming. By creating innovative, profit oriented and customized solutions for the gaming industry, our team anticipates and will always be prepared to fulfill the trends within our industry.

When you choose Prestige, you choose a partner who takes time to understand your requirements and deliver a personalized solution.


Members of our team started in the amusement business in 1997. We then began setting up routes with standard coin-op style games and moved towards the more lucrative Pot-O-Gold and Skill Based Games. In 2008 we set up some Sweepstakes style games for Business Centers and Internet Cafes. We soon learned that the Sweepstakes Business was about to see some explosive growth. By partnering with the right Sweepstakes Software Companies, we have been able to position ourselves right on top of the wave. We now have expanded Prestige Gaming Solutions into a full service gaming solution's company by offering a complete line of gaming products.

We offer most of the games that are available in the industry. Some of these include Pot of Gold, 8 Liners, Skill Games, Nudge Games, Platinum Touch 2, South Carolina Sweepstakes, Cherry Master, Quarter Master, Palmetto Gold, Phone Card Sweepstakes, Internet Sweepstakes, Coin Pushers, Pace-O-Matic, JVL Multi-Touch, Golden Tee, Silver Strike Bowling, Power Putt, Most Arcade Games, Class II & Class III Slots, All Sweepstakes Software and much more.

Sweepstakes Software

Prestige has been involved in the Sweepstakes Business for a long time compared to others that are just getting in the business. We have the experience and knowledge that will help you succeed. It is very important to know which Sweepstakes Software is right for your location. Not all software is equal. There are only a few types of Sweepstakes Software available in the industry that will do well where others would most definitely fail. We help guide our clients through the smoke and mirrors that some of these new software companies have created. We represent the top software companies in the Sweepstakes Industry with partnerships through licensing agreements. We will help you choose the best software on the market to help you do well. We offer full technical support and will install your complete system. Once installation is complete we will train you and your team in proper operation

Few Industries have ever experience such an incredibly explosive growth. Some of the most successful states we are moving into are North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Texas, Wisconsin, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Utah, South Carolina, California, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Other states are opening up so call today to get started.

Equipment and Products

We have a full line of equipment and products to complete any game room requirements. We offer surveillance systems, cameras, safes, cash boxes, cash drawers, POS, cash registers, executive chairs, casino style seating, bar stools, desks, sweepstakes desks, kiosk, internet sweepstakes re-loaders, ATM, phone time PIN, card readers, wire harness POG, wire harness, wiring kits, patch cables, routers, servers, computers, monitors, all-in-ones, keyboards, mouse, switches, fire walls, thermal printers, Flat Screen TV's, casino style carpet, signage, lighting, bezels, plexis, prize wheels, brass raffle drums, side art for cabinets, remote credit up / down, credit on/off network system, bill acceptors, pull tab tickets, scratch offs, pull tab dispensers, money counters, coin counters and much more.

Gaming Cabinets / Totems

All cabinets are engineered and constructed with the finest quality products to produce the strongest and longest lasting gaming cabinets available. We offer a full line of metal cabinets and wooden cabinets. Some of these include bar top, slim line stand up, slim line sit down, convertible, dual monitor, single monitor, sweepstakes cabinets, base, marquee style, slot machine, Pot of Gold and many more.

We can also custom make your cabinet to your specifications. We have precision CNC cutting machines available and are able to produce your request in volume. Whether it is a wooden cabinet or metal cabinet, you are sure to get a quality finished product to suit your needs.


We offer consulting to all of our clients. We will help you with layout and design of your gaming facility, business center, sweepstakes café or any other type of facility. We will provide you with color & carpet samples, best type of gaming cabinets and any knowledge we have to help you achieve the most success in your venture.

We typically set up Convenience Stores, Bars, Hotels, Internet Cafes, Business Centers, Casinos or any other business that may find potential revenue streams in our gaming equipment.

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One of the advantages in working with Prestige Gaming Solutions is that we will give you honest and professional advice. Our clients have come to expect the best quality products and customer service that only Prestige can deliver upon. We look forward to helping you in your success.

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